Doseon-gul  Cave
of  O-san  Saseong-am
Hermitage of Four great Sage-monks
in the Central-Southwest Sector of Jiri-san
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Left: interior of the Doseon-gul Cave (which is really a passageway between
gigantic cliff-boulders); it is said that Great Monk Wonhyo-daesa spent some
time meditating in here, and that 200 years later National Master Doseon-guksa
lived here for a short time while figuring out Korea's
Pungsu-jiri-seol theories.
Right: a shot straight upwards, of the 'ceiling' -- it offers no protection from rain
at all, and so this cave was probably always a short-term Sanshin-worship or
meditation site, not any kind of residence.
Up around back, on the north side of Saseong-am, there is this strange
Shamanic clearing in the dense forest, with animistic-shaped rocks, a square
cement altar (probably for worship of San-shin), and a gnarled ancient tree.
Steep stairways lead up from the end
of the road to the two Shrine areas
The Sanshin-gak of Saseong-am, with a Korean woman going to the
entrance of the
Cave (actually, a passageway between boulders) to its left.
In front of the Sanshin-gak, a sign on a roof-tile points towards the entrance
of the Doseon-gul Cave, from which a Korean woman is seen coming out.
Shots of the small shrine deep inside, from October 2004 (left) and May 2006 (right) -- showing sharply increased use!
The Spirit of Tai-shan, China's holiest mountain,
serving as one of the Ten Judge-Kings of Hell
in the
Myeongbu-jeon Hall of Saseong-am.