Kkoldu-bawi of Sang-dong
Important Temple actually on Hambaek-san,
founded by Jajang-yulsa with Buddha-saria
The Legend of Kkoldu-bawi Crags

Once upon a time, there was an young couple who run a pub with
husband’s old mother. Fortunately, they had many customers, so
made enough money, but they only worried about that they had no
child. The mother – in- law mistreated her daughter in law because
she couldn’t deliver a child.
One day , d-i-l went to a priest  and told her situation. “Master, we
married 10 years ago but still do not have any child. Please make
us a son.”  He said, “If you pray for 3months and 10 days at the
Kkoldu-bawi Crags, then you can get a son. But your pub can not
have any guest so you will be poor”
The d – I – L prayed at Kkoldu-bawi Crags for to get a son. But the
M-I-L heard what he said, so she didn’t even feed the d-i-l and
mistreated her much more. But the d-i-l prayed still prayed but died
before the end of the 3 months and 10 days.
After that, the heaven made the Kkoldu-bawi Crags to pregnant a
stone to console the woman. The village people felt sorry for her
and made a woman-shape stone (Kkoldu-gagsi) and performed
religious services. Kkoldu-gagsi was destroyed during the
Japanese empire era.