Taebaek-san  Cheon-je  of 4332  (1999)
Over 100 spectators, all Korean apart from me, joined dozens of officiants
from Daecheongyo and a handful of photographers on Taebaek's
Cheonje-dan Peak on the morning of Gyecheon-jeol 4332 (October 3rd
1999 by Western Calendar), to offer ritual-respect to the mythical
founders of the first Korean Kingdom.  I brought along 8 students from my
Samguk-yusa Study Group at Yonsei University's Maeji Campus.
the ceremony seen from the western slope of Musoi-bong
the pre-ceremony stone Altar and the "Han-bae-geom" monument
with that day's Master of the Ceremony  (one of the students serving as translator)
bowing in front of the sacred pathway, with Hambaek-san in the dramatic background
On the shrine at the end of the ceremony, lighting
a shamanic prayer-paper and releasing it as it
floats up while burning -- I had written on it a wish
for Korea's prosperity and reunification.
patriotic youthful participants, from Taebaek High School
Left: myself and the students at
the famous peak-marker.

Above & Below:  a shamanic
Sage prays and then writes
some sacred intuitive calligraphy.