Climbing Taebaek-san's Wolam-bong
October 2nd, 2005
The rather amazing Wolam-bong (a.k.a. Dal-bawi-bong) [Crags-of-the-Moon Peaks]
looms above the San-shin-gak of the Shamanic Hermitage Wolam-sa, in a remote &
obscure valley of southestern Taebaek-san, down across the provincial border into
Bonghwa-gun County.  There are few visitors way out here...
Main Hall and Sanshin-gak
the Shin-jung taenghwa,
San-shin on the far right, middle
the uniquely-painted, rustically-charming Sanshin-gak
five members of The Fellowship of the Peak that day -- Prof. John
Dougill of Kyoto, Dr. Anne Hilty (a cultural psychologist working in
Seoul), Yana (
blocked; translator & Buddhist), So-youn (student),
and Tyler S (film-maker & teacher in Daegu).
the challenging peaks as seen from that trailhead
our most energetic member, "Freebird" Min Jae-ki (website-design CEO),
in the Gateway of the actual peaks, at which begins the really hard climbing.
Tyler contemplates the excellent view from a cliff just below the 1093-m top.
Looking west-southwest into Bonghwa-gun; straight ahead is
Cheong-ok-san [Mt. Azure Jade], Taebaek's southern extension.
Looking northwest -- that faint long ridge at the back is the mighty
Taebaek-san 8 km away -- in front of it is Jorok-bawi-bong.
the highest peak

rich colors on a
old tree-stump
along the trail
in the forest
Inside the San-shin-gak of Taebaek-san Wolam-bong Wolam-sa are these
quite ordinary icons of the Mountain-King and the Lonely Saint, with only
the unusual standing white cranes and colorful lantern drawing attention.