Buljeong-Sandang   태백산 불정산당
New-style Shamanic Shrine in Dang-gol Valley
this private Shamanic compound, built in a 21st-century style on an old
worshiping-site, is on the west side of upper Dan-gol Valley, just south of
Mandeok-sa Temple.  the people here are generally friendly to outside visitors.
a Shamanic woman prays in front of the Sanshin-cave;
behind, another woman is finishing their ritual in the Sanshin-gak.
the painting in the Sanshin-gak -- quite ordinary main figures but clustered on the right, and
there is a male-female pair of deer, the male with
bullocho in his mouth, being roared at by
the modern Tiger -- unique -- both a pair of white cranes and a pair of magpies are in the tree.
Entrance to the Sanshin-Cave, which has an altar about 2m in.             
Some faded small icons are with large dragon-tiger candles near
the entrance -- along with a bottle of
San [Mountain] -brand soju
[vodka], which is filtered through green tea leaves -- good choice.
the Cheon-shin [Heavenly Spirits] shrine,
with a shamanic fan left in front of it.
a stone pagoda represents primal "Buddha",
in front of a tree hung with the shamanic
ribbons from a dozen former rituals.