Taebaek-san  Dan-gun-je 2005
The Dan-gun Seong-jeon [Altar-King Sage-Hall] at the head of
Dang-gol [Shrine Valley] shortly after its completion a decade ago.
the ritual portrait of Korea's mythical Founding King inside
the shrine (see pages 132-38 in my book), and myself
being a tour-guide for diplomats there in November 2004.
200 bowing spectators joined 9 officiants and a handful of photographers at this well-known shrine
on the morning of Gaecheon-jeol [Heaven-Opening Day, October 3rd] 2005.
patriotic Korean women
both young and old were
among the celebrants;
there were many in the
audience although they
are not allowed to be
officiants in these
Confucian-style rituals
another colorful character
there was this leader of
the native Korean
Daejong-gyo religion,
which regards Dan-gun
as its principal deity;  he
gave me an impromptu
lecture on cosmological
principles.  the insignia he
wears represents the
Trinity of Heaven, Earth
and Humanity, and
therefore Hwan-in,
Hwan-eung and Dan-gun.