Cheonje-dan and Janggun-bong Peaks,
and the Lower Altar of Taebaek-san
Cheonje-dan [Altar for Offering to Heaven] Peak on the left,
Janggun-bong [Guardian General Peak] behind it,
and Manggyeong-sa [All-encompassing-View Temple] lined up below them,
as seen from Munsu-bong in October 1993.
the 1993 Gyecheon-jeol Cheonje ceremony on Cheonje-dan Peak
Cheonje-dan Peak in the center, with Manggyeong-sa visible as a slash below it, and
Musoi-bong (1546.5m, no religious significance) to its left, as seen from Munsu-bong in 1989.
On many days, worship goes on around-the-clock up here.  In this shot at
about 10pm in June 2003, Shamans make offerings on the Altar, chanting
and praying to
Dan-gun and Hwan-ung inside Cheonje-dan's stone shrine.

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the famous Taebaek-san name-pillar on Cheonje-dan Peak
above: Neo-Confucian officiants in royal robes stand in front
of it just after the 1993 Gyecheon-jeol Cheonje ceremony.
right: with my Yonsei students at it on October 3rd, 1999.