Sogni-san  속리산
National Park
Munjang-dae Peak, a key part of the Baekdu-daegan
(photo from the National Parks Administration)
Still  Under  Construction
속리산(충북 보은):
In the year 786, when
진표 (a buddhist monk in Shilla dynasty) arrived to 속리산 all
the cows that were plowing stopped and bowed to him. When farmers saw this, they
were ashamed that even the animals recognized the greatness of
진표. So they
renounced the egoistic minds and followed after
진표 in the mountains to get trained.
This is where the name "
속리" came from. It means "to leave the world behind."
Sanghwang-am  [Upper-Emperor Hermitage
The Samseong-gak  [Three Saints Shrine] of Sogni-san's Yeojeok-am Hermitage