National Park  충북 보은군 속리산  1058m summit
俗離山  속리산
A key sector of the Baekdu-daegan Cordillera
Munjang-dae Peak, a key peak of the Baekdu-daegan Trail
(photo from the National Parks Administration)
Still  Under  Construction
It is recorded that in the year 786 CE during the Unified Shilla Dynasty,
when Master Jinpyo 진표 traveled into this mountain to visit Beopju-sa
(already there since 540 CE), all the cows that were plowing the fields
stopped working and bowed to him.  When farmers saw this, they felt
ashamed that even the animals recognized Jinpyo's greatness.  So they
renounced their worldly lives & minds, and followed after Jinpyo into
the mountains to get trained in Buddhism.  This is where the name
俗離山" came from.  Literally "Remote from Mundane World
Mountains", it means going there is to leave the ordinary world behind.
Sanghwang-am  [Upper-Emperor Hermitage
The Samseong-gak  [Three Saints Shrine] of Sogni-san's Yeojeok-am Hermitage