The Osong Waterfall and Hiking Trail
near Sogni-san Seongbul-sa Temple
Osong-pokpo [Five-Pines Waterfall] is in a pretty gorge just below the entrance to Seongbul-sa.
the trail up to Munjang-dae Peak of Sogni-san
begins with a nice bridge just below Seongbul-sa.
right beside the trail, a spring of pure drinkable
mineral-water flows out from under a rock...
typical in the greatest Korean mountains.
Also typical, little towers
of rocks are seen all
along the stream-gorge.
Unusual: at an overhanging-boulder-complex beside the trail, a
common sort of place for mountain-worship, a fading drawing of a
Buddhist monk or Daoist hermit, with inscription is readily visible.
A third of the way up the very steep trail, the Swil-bawi [Let's-take-
a-rest Boulders] is a fine place to begin to enjoy the views.