Korea's 9 Greatest
Historic Joseon-Dynasty
Neo-Confucian Academies with Shrines

sacred sites associated with famous mountains and rivers

Now, in 2019, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites !!!
Seowon are privately-run Neo-Confucian Academies with a Shrine for a Sage-teacher.  "Toegye" Yi
Hwang originated these important institutions, building the
Sosu-seowon (the first one in Korea) to
honor An Hyang (who brought Neo-Confucianism to Korea in the early 1300s) in the early 1500s.  
After that
seowon were usually established by the Yangban aristocratic clans to honor a sage of
their clan, and maintained by the subsequent generations of disciples (teachers & students) who
served there.  They would regularly hold memorial-ceremonies for the principal enshrined sage, and
other masters of his and their lineage(s).  There were hundreds of seowon by the early 1800s, but
then most of them were suppressed / destroyed around 1870 by
Daewon-gun.  Some of the best have
been rebuilt, or survived and have been refurbished as tourist-sites and focuses of local pride.   They
are national-historic sacred sites of Neo-Confucian culture, associated with famous mountains and rivers.
Dosan-seowon of Andong Chengnyang-san
Location                                               Mountain / River                       Name

Andong City  near Bonghwa         Cheongryang-san                     Dosan Seowon
                                                 Nakdong-gang River

Yeongju City Punggi Town             
Sobaek-san                               Sosu Seowon
                                                 Jukgye-cheon Stream

Gyeongju City  Angang District     Dodeok-san                               
Oksan Seowon
                                                  Hyeongsan-gang River

Andong City  Hahoe Village           Hakka-san Hwasan-bong        
Byeongsan Seowon
                                                  Nakdong-gang River

Chilbo-san-myeon of Jeongeup County     Near Naejang-san              
Museong Seowon
North Jeolla Province                                 Dongjin-gang River

Hamyang County, Gyeongnam                                                          Namgye Seowon

Jangseong County of South Jeolla Province                               
Pilam Seowon

Dalseong-gun of Daegu City                                                          Dodong Seowon

Nonsan City of South Chungcheong Province                          Donam Seowon

The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) has accomplished getting these nine seowon
approved by ICOMOS to be registered as a group on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.
The Nine Greatest Seowon remaining in Korea today:
(in rough order of significance; five are located in North Gyeongsang Province)
the Sosu Seowon of Yeongju Sobaek-san