Korea's 9 Greatest
Historic Joseon-Dynasty
Neo-Confucian Academies with Shrines

sacred sites associated with famous mountains and rivers

Now, in 2019, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites !!!
Seowon are privately-run Neo-Confucian Academies with a Shrine for a Sage-teacher.  "Toegye" Yi
Hwang originated these important institutions, building the
Sosu-seowon (the first one in Korea) to
honor An Hyang (who brought Neo-Confucianism to Korea in the early 1300s) in the early 1500s.  
After that
seowon were usually established by the Yangban aristocratic clans to honor a sage of
their clan, and maintained by the subsequent generations of disciples (teachers & students) who
served there.  They would regularly hold memorial-ceremonies for the principal enshrined sage, and
other masters of his and their lineage(s).  There were hundreds of seowon by the early 1800s, but
then most of them were suppressed / destroyed around 1870 by
Daewon-gun.  Some of the best have
been rebuilt, or survived and have been refurbished as tourist-sites and focuses of local pride.   They
are national-historic sacred sites of Neo-Confucian culture, associated with famous mountains and rivers.
Dosan-seowon of Andong Chengnyang-san
Location                                               Mountain / River                       Name

Andong City  near Bonghwa         Cheongryang-san                        Dosan Seowon
                                                Nakdong-gang River

Yeongju City Punggi Town             
Sobaek-san                               Sosu Seowon
                                              Jukgye-cheon Stream

Gyeongju City  Angang District     Dodeok-san                                
Oksan Seowon
                                               Hyeongsan-gang River

Andong City  Hahoe Village           Hakka-san Hwasan-bong           
Byeongsan Seowon
                                               Nakdong-gang River

Chilbo-san-myeon of Jeongeup County     Near Naejang-san         
Museong Seowon
North Jeolla Province                                 Dongjin-gang River

Northern Hamyang County                North of Jiri-san           Namgye Seowon
South Gyeongsang Province

Jangseong County of South Jeolla Province                          
Piram Seowon

Dalseong-gun of Daegu City                                                Dodong Seowon

Nonsan City of South Chungcheong Province                        Donam Seowon

The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) accomplished getting these nine seowon
registered as a group on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, in June 2019.
The Nine Greatest Seowon remaining in Korea today:
(in rough order of significance; five are located in North Gyeongsang Province)
the Sosu Seowon of Yeongju Sobaek-san