수락산   水落山
the dramatic "Descending Water" Mountain in NE Seoul
part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range and the BukHan-Jeongmaek Range
Surak-san (lright side) with its partners Bulam-san (pointed) and Cheonbo-san as seen
from my former neighborhood in Gangdong-gu (far-SE Seoul), about 15 km away, in May 2006.
Many hikers use the long ridge between them (crossed by a highway over the pass) to
climb all the peaks in one really LONG day of hiking...
Han River
a view from Gwanak-san to the south, through typical haze
Surak-san's summit is 638 meters high.  It is extremely steep and craggy, great for
challenging hiking, visiting dramatic temples and getting great views.  It is easily
accessed from four Seoul Metro Subway stations and a host of bus-stops.....
view of the western face of Surak-san from halfway up the
Manggwol Valley of
Dobong-san, on a hazy day in April 2012.
The trail in from Danggogae Staion area
Vivid Colors of Surak-san
Two Shamanic Shrines on the Dang-gogae [Shrine Pass] area.
This mountain is extremely rich in spiritual sites of all types.
Looking south past the summit towards Bulam-san.
Sacred Sites of Surak-san:



"Dragon Head emerging from the mountain-slope" bawi or rock-outcropping;
guarding the entranceway to Doam-sa.