Seoul's  Nak-san
the Inner-Eastern Guardian Mountain
part of the Sadong-san "four eastern hills"
actually just a long ridgeline curving SE from Bugak-san,
and a.k.a. Cheongryong-san (Blue Dragon Ridge)
Part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
Sacred Sites on Seoul Nak-san:

Dong-myo Shrine


The old Seoul City Wall that runs on the Nak-san ridge's crest from Bugak-san down to
Dongdae-mun Gate has been nicely restored as a hiking-park.  A great view is seen
here of
Samgak-san, from Hyeongje-bong on the left to Insu-bong on the right.
Seonggyun-gwan Royal Neo-Confucian College area into scenic Seongbuk-dong.  It lends its
name to the neighborhood around Daehangno [University Avenue] and the Hyehwa Metro Station.
Today, it sits beside and above the busy highway that was cut through upper Nak-san Ridge.