Dobong-san Mangwol-sa
spectacular "Viewing Moon Temple at the border
between NE Seoul and Uijeongbu City
part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
Mang-wol-sa  [Watching Moon Temple]  is the most important monastery of Dobong-san,
and one of the most spectacularly-sited temples in Korea.

This temple was built by the Buddhist monk Hae-ho under the Silla-dynasty Queen Seondeok’s
order in 639.  Situated high up on the slope of a rocky mountain, people prayed here for the royal
family and the nation’s prosperity while gazing at the full moon, particularly the first full moon of the
year.  The full moon means fulfillment, and is also a symbol of the Buddha’s complete enlightenment.
the extensive cliff-climbing layout
over the Main Hall and down the valley, with the peak of Bulam-san in the background