Seoul's  Bugak-san   북악산
the Inner-Northern Guardian Mountain
originally named Baegak-san
Part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
the craggy western face of Bugak-san, with Cheonghwa-dae seen in front of it,
as seen from the lower southern slope of Inwang-san (to Bugak's southwest)
the equally-craggy eastern face of Bugak-san, as seen from the North Gate area above
Samcheong-dong, eastern trailhead for climbing Bugak-san along the old fortress wall.
From this angle during the hike, looking westward,
Inwang-san can be seen in the distance to Bugak-san's right.
Notable Sites on the Slopes of Bugak-san:

Jongno-gu Area  (southern slopes):

Gyeongbok-gung Palace

Cheongwha-dae Presidential Mansion
Samcheong-dong Neighborhood

Bukchon Hanok traditional-houses Area

Changdeok-gung Palace

Insa-dong traditional-culture neighborhood with Jangseung

Jogye-sa National-Headquarters Buddhist Temple

White Pine Trees from the Ming Emperor

Seongbuk-gu Area  (eastern slopes):

Gilsang-sa Temple

Shilsang-Seonwon Temple

Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse

Manhae's House

Buam-dong Area  (northern slopes):

Changeui-mun / Jaha-mun Gate

Eungseon-sa Temple

Jeonghye-sa Temple

Buam-dong Features

Baeksashil Gyegok / Baegak Dongcheon

Hyeontong-sa Temple

Myogak-sa Temple

Segeom-jeong Pavilion

Solim-sa Temple
Bugak-san as seen every day from downtown Seoul, above the Gwanghwa-mun
Plaza and left of the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin  --  
photo by Robert Koehler
Cheongwha-dae Presidential Mansion in front of Bugak-san
the south face of Bugak-san behind the Sejong Plaza, Gwanghwamun area, October 2012
the west face of Bugak-san as seen from the Seokpa-jeong Villa, October 2012
View of the north face from Buam-dong in early October 2017