Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse
delightful former home of novelist Yi Tae-jun
in the Seongbuk-gu Area east of Seoul's Bugak-san
Part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse, the former home of novelist Yi Tae-jun (or Lee
T'ae-joon) is also found on Bugak-san's southeastern slope in Seongbuk-gu
District, on the main road just 5 min walk above the entranceway to Gansong
Art Museum.  It offers delicious, healthful, traditional teas and fresh-cooked
high-quality rice-cake noshes in a totally charming
hanok & garden setting,
with an excellent collection of folk-culture artifacts tastefully displayed.   
Come to relax & chat in peace.   Try the Samhwa-cha!

Yi lived and wrote in this mostly-authentic 19th-Century retreat from
1933 to 1946, becoming a leading light of 20th-Cen Korean literature.
around the corner from the Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse