Shilsang-Seonwon Temple
in the Seongbuk-gu Area east of Seoul's Bugak-san
Part of the Bukhan-san Sub-range
This is quite a unique little temple, with bold Tantric/Shamanic motifs and a wonderful collection
of folk-culture artifacts on display.  
It's found on Bugak-san's southeastern slope in Seongbuk-gu District,
on the main road just in-between the Gansong Art Museum and the Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse.
The Sanshin-gak is on the back of the third floor, reached by a long metal stairway.
The dramatic entrance-lobby features a 3-storey-high Mireuk Buddha statue under a glass atrium, fronted
by a fantastic Nine-Dragon wood-sculpture, a rock with coins placed on it and other interesting items.
Korean pottery, antique chests,
medicinal herbal-liquors, onggi
pickling-jars and other artifacts
of national folk-religious culture
are prominently displayed
throughout this urban temple.
The Main Hall features a Tantric-Dagoba-style Buddha-Altar
Two striking Shinjung icons -- Sanshin is in both, but not prominently.
The Shipi-ji or Twelve Auspicious Animals of the Oriental Zodiac
(a Daoist theme found increasingly frequently in modern Buddhist temples)
Gwanse-eum-bosal, Jijang-bosal and Dragon-Boat icon on the wall