An-san  안산
Sacred Peak in NW Seoul,  home to Bongwon-sa
western end of the Bukhan-san Sub-Range
SW Samgak-san
the craggy eastern face of An-san (鞍山, Saddle-shaped Mountain), seen from Inwang-san to its
east.  This small but sharp mountain, its summit of only 295 meters offering a fantastic view of
the city, is host to the over-century-old campuses of Yonsei University and Ehwa Women's
University, two of Korea's top institutions of higher learning.  Tucked into its southern slopes is
also the Bongwon-sa monastery-complex, which is one of Seoul’s largest and most fascinating
temples, national headquarters of the Taego-jong Sect of Korean Buddhism (2nd largest sect).
A human-ish face in the cliff -- this is called Gwaneum-bawi or Bodhisattva of Compassion Outcropping