Seorak-san  설악산
Korea's best-known and best-loved National Park
a Key Sector of the Baekdu-daegan Mountain-System and Trail
Outer Seorak  (woe-seorak):
Plaza, Cable-Car to the Fortress
Biryeon and Towang-seong Waterfalls
Shinheung-sa, "Korea's First Zen Temple"
Ulsan-bawi Peak with Kejo-am Cave-Hermitage
Naewon-am Hermitage
Biseon-dae Falls
Mireuk-bong Peak with Geumgang-gul Cave
Cheonbul-dong Scenic-Valley and Yangpok Waterfall
Outer-Seorak Winter photos by Yang Yulei
Hwa-am-sa Temple in the far-northeast

Inner Seorak  (nae-seorak):
Baekdamsa and its Scenic Valleys
Ose-am and Mangyeong-dae
Daecheong-bong Peak (the summit 1708m)
Bongjeong-am Buddha-relic Hermitage
The Twelve Angel's Bathing-Pools Waterfalls Valley and An-san Peak

South Seorak  (nam-seorak):
Oknyeo-tang: Jade-Girl's Bathing-Pool Falls  & Hangye-saji site
Hangye-ryeong Pass  
Osaek-yaksu Springs and Valley
Hangye-ryeong Pass and the Manmulsang Ridge
Daeseung Waterfall and Jangsu-dae area
(1518m) -- preservation area
Late October, from the National Parks Administration
photoshoped view out of a cave,
from a government tourism-
brochure I saved from 1983
The "Dinosaur Bones Ridge" or Manmul-sang [All various Things] in southeastern Seorak, seen
from the Hangye-ryeong Pass, where the
Baekdu-daegan Trail crosses National Highway 44.
from a mountain-hiker's magazine
Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook
"Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine"
By Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch,  with David A. Mason
is available for hikers and cultural-explorers!

Reviews, Interviews and Comments on the Guidebook
a Seonang-dang (village guardian-spirit shrine)
in Yangyang County, just east of the Osaek area in South Seorak
good video of the beauty of Seorak-san & its clouds...