Samgak-san  Yonghak-sa
Cliff-Theme Temple in the Center of Bukhan-Sanseong Fortress
Under Yongam-bong Peak  --   within the National Park  --  Visited August 2010
This temple was founded in the early 1700s, just above (south of) the Jungseong-mun Central
Gate of the
Bukhan-Sanseong [North-of-Han-River Mtn-Fortress], and only 50 meters north of
Jungheung-saji in the scenic-gorge, on the west foot of Yongam-bong [Dragon-Rock Peak].  It
was completely destroyed in the early 20th Century, but has now been rebuilt as a modern semi-
shamanic devotional-temple with many stone statues dramatically set against the granite cliffs.
Its name Yonghak-sa means "Dragon-Crane Temple", combining those two
heaven-soaring auspicious symbol-creatures into an eum-yang
(yin-yang) motif.
Entranceway with old and new monuments
The Sanshin-gak [Mountain-spirit Shrine] set above the others
Right:  a Shamanic Janggun [Guardian-General statue shares this shrine to the left of
San-shin.  When I inquired about his identity, a member told me he is "
ceremony underway in the Main Hall
Chilseong  [Seven Stars]  Shrine
Statue-shrines of Yong-wang [Dragon-King of the Waters] and an obscure Child-Fertility spirit