Seoul's Three-Peaks Mountains Spirit-
Peak Dragon-Virtue Temple, set deeply in
a ravine on the east side of the park,
boasts three noteworthy San-shin icons.  
In the Main Hall
(pictured above) is this
magnificent modern painting
shot at an angle because covered in glass)
Perspective is sweeping, the tiger is fierce
and realistic, and the Mountain-King him-
self is depicted in elaborate royal clothing.   
The 3 servants offer a variety of Daoist-
symbolic items.  The standing boy holds a
large leaf-fan. The boy sitting on the tiger
(pretty rare) holds fruits symbolizing fecundity
and three breast-like peaches
(below right).
The girl is holding a root, symbol of health
(thru herbal medicine) and male virtility, but
instead of the typical ginseng it is clearly
deodeok roots! (below left).  This is very
rare, almost unique.  
Deodeok grows wild
in the high Korean mountains, is used in
herbal medicine
(related to ginseng, but not as
, infused in liquor, and popularly
served in mountain-cuisine restaurants.

Above: the Bukseong-shin in the
Chilseong Painting is excellently depicted.

Left: in thje Shinjung Icon, San-shin is
standing prominently up-front, just to the
left of Dongjin-bosal, wearing a transparant
black Daoist shawl and holding a white-
feather-fan and a basket of
Around back of the Main Hall,
a cave-style Sanshin-gak has
been built in a niche under the
gigantic cliff-boulder!
Above:  a charming pavilion-shrine
is seen across the deep ravine.

Right: the standing Buddha on the
sharp entrance-boulder was relief-
carved in the late 20th Century.
Oct. 2004