Getting to Samgak-san  Seungga-sa
the Trailhead for hiking to this temple
a.k.a. "Seungga-sa ipgu"
This is what the T-shaped "Gugi Tunnel" (구기터널) intersection looks like.  This intersection is just to the
east of the eastern entrance of the Gugi Tunnel, in Gugi-dong (next to Pyeongchang-dong) of Jongno-gu.
The building seen above left Is on the south side of the intersection; the gateway above right is on the NW
corner of the intersection.  You want to enter the street going
north from this intersection, towards the peaks.
Less than 50 m up, it looks like this.  On the left side is the bus stop where green bus 0212 (coming from
Gwanghwamun) stops, and if you're taking that, get off here.  On both sides are some Villa Apartments.
To the right a small side-street branches off, where you can see the police car coming out --
do not go there.  
Keep going straight up the road towards the mountains.  Figure that walking from here will take 20~30 minutes.
A short distance more, and it looks like this.  Do not take the right turn -- keep going up the street.
The very next intersection you come to looks like this.  Here you should turn right and
go uphill.  On the signboard with a round top, there is a green sign saying Seungga-sa
승가사 which points to the right.  The sign above it announces the gateway of the
"Boseong Jucha-jang" Parking Lot -- this is the last commercial parking lot available
for you to use if you're driving.  On weekdays it costs w6000 for 1-6 hours of parking.
Assume that walking from this point to the ticket station will take you 15~20 minutes.
100 m up that right-hand road beyond the parking lot this stairway will be on your left; if you're
walking you can take it up to the next intersection (neighborhood station) to save a little time.
If you are riding in a taxi, or walking and don't take the stairway, the road
going up to the left looks like this.  Do
not take the turn to the right.  
Once again, there is a green sign indicating our temple is to the left.
A steep climb up that road brings you to this intersection, with more apartments
and the neighborhood station building seen on the left.  Do
not go where that
black car is going, but follow the main road steeply upwards to the right.
On a steep slope, the road turns again sharply to the right, and
you can see this beautiful other small temple Haelim-jeongsa.  
Once again, a green sign indicates that Seungga-sa is to the right.
Just 10 m more, and our road turns sharply again to the left
(otherwise it goes into a villa-apartment parking lot).  It becomes a rough
cement road going steeply up, looking like this.  If you are in a taxi,
the driver might not want to go up here, and you can get off.
At the top of that he'll the road becomes simple dirt, and the forest gets nice, and
then you see this building -- this is it, where we meet!  On maps it's called the
"Mt. Bukhan Seungga-sa Ticket Booth"  (
북한산국립공원 승가사매표소 Bukhan-san
Seung-ga-sa Mae-pyo-so
), but now (because they are not charging entrance tickets since
last year)
It is titled "Seungga-sa Park Ranger Post".   The photo below might be
useful to print out and bring with you to show taxi drivers or Korean locals...
Here is a large-scale map
for driving directions:
(1) is the NW corner of the intersection,
(2) is the Seungga-sa Park Ranger Post
and (3) is Seungga-sa Temple itself.