Pine Grove Park
in front of Samgak-san  in Gangbuk-gu District
"Seolbat-gongwon" [Pine Grove Park] was established in the early 2000s, just in front of  Seoul's
Triple-Horns guardian peaks in Ui-dong of Gangbuk-gu District.  Mayor Kim Hyun-pung fought hard to
use this land for this sort of public benefit rather than for another apartment complex or shopping center.
the performance-stage has modernistic mountains-motif and a photo of Samgak-san
triple Korean-style dol-tap stone-towers symbolize this mountain, and the ancient Sam-ak theme.
San-shin and Dan-gun ceremonies are sometimes held here.
Park info-map,  and the poem "Bawi-Gogae" [Boulder Ridge], by a famous
local poet and about the long ridge above here, inscribed on a monument.
squirrels abound  --  locals shouldn't feed them snacks, but they do.