Samgak-san  Obong-sa
the tiny "Five Peaks Temple"
in Gangbuk-gu District,   visited August 31st 2008
This modest and friendly urban temple is back in an alley of in Ui-dong neighborhood of Gangbuk-gu District, the
area below Doseon-sa on Samgak-san's eastern slopes.  When we dropped by on this day, a nun was lecturing.
It takes its auspicious name from the five peaks of Samgak-san you can see from here --  
L to R:  Nojeok-bong, Manggyeong-dae, Baekun-dae, Insu-bong and (closer, far-right) Yeong-bong
-- and also the ancient O-ak [Five Guardian Peaks] theme of Daoism, Geomancy & Neo-Confucianism.
the side-room Samseong-gak is narrow and cramped, but rich with icons
the San-shin painting is modern, standard and well-done, by a popular artist.  
He holds only a feather-fan, while angelic
dongja boy and girl offers a Peach of Immortality and three
bullocho [yeongji-beoseot] sprigs;  pair of white cranes sit above.  There's no statue, which is getting rare.
North Star Spirit in the clouds, in the older-looking Chil-seong painting
the Dok-seong painting is matched with the San-shin
-- a similar angelic
dongja boy offers a Holy Peach.
The statue in front is of
Bodhidharma -- a unique case!