Samgak-san Cultural Festival
Gangbuk-gu District,   August 31st 2008
This public "International Cultural Festival" honoring Seoul's Triple-Horns guardian peaks
is held every autumn by Gangbuk-gu District in Ui-dong, the area below Doseon-sa, on
the grounds of Green Park Hotel.  It includes a hiking-marathon, songs, speeches & etc.
Getting Ready, with friends: -- left photo, L to R:
Shawn Morrissey (KMPL), Kim Ho-dong (Ministry of Culture,
Sports and Tourism),  Mayor Kim Hyun-pung (Gangbuk-gu),
myself and Chris Dickinson (Yongsan Education).
the object of our respect and appreciation, on that day
the Republic of Korea's National Anthem is played
on stage, L to R: two reps of the US 8th Army (which had soldiers competing), National Assemblyman
Jeong Yang-seok
(representing Gangbuk-gu), the Director of Sports Activities, myself and Mayor Kim.
VIPs are introduced to the crowd
Mayor Kim Hyun-pung speaks about Samgak-san and his District
Mayor Kim tells me that he wants me to give a short speech, as Samgak's Goodwill Ambassador,
an honorable opportunity that I had not been expecting
I gave some off-the-cuff remarks about Samgak as one of Korea's most sacred mountains.  A translator rendered it into Korean
(just as she had translated the Korean speeches into English).    My wife caught the 2nd half of my speech on a video clip with our
little camera --
to see this 1:16-min video (an AVI file) in your default media-player, just click on this photo.
the crowd listens
Finally, the leaders announce the start of the hikeathon event...

when all the festivities were over, we continued to enjoy that day's great weather with
an outdoor lunch, then visiting
Pine-Grove Park and nearby Five-Peaks Temple