The Major Samgak San-shin Shrines
and Annual Sanshin-je Ceremonies

Seoul's highly-sacred Three-Horns Mountain has several significant Shamanic Mountain-spirit
Shrines on its various slopes.  They all host one or more ritual-ceremonies every year, some fairly
large-scale; some public and others private.  This page serves as an overall index to them...
Ui-ryeong Pass Sanshin-je,  Arbor Day 2003
This site is at the crest of the pass that runs between Samgak-san and Dobong-san, within the
Bukhan-san National Park, going NE from Seoul Gangbuk-gu District's Ui-dong in the east to
Gyeonggi-do Yangju City Jangheung-myeon District Gyohyeon-ri in the west.  The Ui-ryeong Pass is
normally closed to the public, because it contains a military base; one day every spring hikers are
permitted to transverse it, and many of them hold rituals for the San-shin in front of this monument.
Still Under Construction
the Samgak-san Festival, which includes ceremonies
for the San-shin, is held every October in Gangbuk-gu
District's Ui-dong, the area below Doseon-sa.
The Samgak-san Dodang-je is held every 3rd Day of the 3rd
Moon (3.3 by the Lunar Calendar) at the Altar just above Ui-dong
(on the way up to Doseon-sa), featuring a variety of Shamanic
gut  ritual-ceremonies performed in respect of this holy mountain.

Photos of the 2007 Dodang-je, with Gangbuk's Mayor Kim

the March 2009 Dodang-je, with many friends
the Bohyeon Sanshin-gak of Pyeongchang-dong    (no page yet)

the Nojeok-bong Sanshin-dan  (no page yet)

the Baekun-dae Sanshin-gak    (no page yet)
cross this stream to the Choga-jip San-shin Altar where the Samgak-san Dodang-je is held (below)