4340 (2007) Dodang-je Ceremony
of the "Samgak Dodang-ji" San-shin Shrine  --  PAGE TWO
The peaks in question, and part of
the crowd of citizens, on that day.
Mayor Kim explained to us that the new symbol
for this festival represents five of the great sacred
mountains of the Korean Peninsula, using the
traditional Oriental Five Directional Colors --
Baekdu-san in the North (black), Gyeryong-san in
the West (white), Geumgang-san in the East
(blue), Jiri-san in the South (red) and Samgak-san
in the Center (yellow).  The traditional Oriental
Trinity is also represented in the usual Korean
way -- Heaven by the circle, Earth by the square
and Humanity by the triangle.  The Chinese
character in the center means "Spirit", standing
for the holy character of all these mountains.  The
words at the bottom are the name of the civic
association that holds this annual event.
After all the speeches, the second Sanshin-Gut ritual gets underway in front of the secondary
gut-dang Altar, with a different
Manshin performing herself into a spirit- channelling trance.
Seoul Gangbuk-gu District's youthful and spirited Mayor Kim Hyun-Pung greets his constituents
Myself with Mayor Kim and the Hannara-dang [Grand National Party]'s Vice-Spokesman Chung Yang-Seok
Mayor Kim speaks to the crowd, and honors Mr. Cha Seung-Hyeon, the owner of the
Choga-jip Restaurant, builder of this altar/shrine and founder/chairman of the association.
He also asked me to step up next to him, described and praised my research and this
website to the crowd; there was a warmly appreciative response.
Standing on sharp blades in her trance, the Manshin delivers messages and blessings from the Mountain-spirit(s).
Changing robes & hat, starting to use the flags,
she channels a Guardian-General Spirit; some
other participants start dancing along with her.
Finally, she employs the classical Korean-Shamanic fan, which can summon most of the popular spirits