43 Lesser Sacred Mountains of (South) Korea
These 43 mountains are the ones I have judged to be of the second rank of Korea's holiest, in other
words from #34~#66, by the criteria explained on
this page and my 20 years of visiting them and studying
this subject.  They break down in an unbalanced split between 23 in the western regions and 16 in the
eastern and central regions (mostly, the Taebaek Range and its southern extension now dubbed the
"Yeongnam Alps").  They are listed here in north-to-south order.  No mountains from the Democratic
People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) are listed here, due to our lack of information about historical
and current mountain-worship traditions there; so this list is effectively South-only.  Click on the name to
see my photos and discussion of that mountain and its San-shin shrines.
Eastern Regions (20):

Seorak-san      설악산
Gangwon Prov, Sokcho City, National Park, 1708m

Sam-ak-san    삼악산
Gangwon Prov, Chuncheon City, City Park, 654m

Seong-in-bong   성인봉
Ulleung-do Island (Gyeongbuk Prov), County Park, 984m

Gariwang-san    가리왕산
Pyeongchang & Jeonngseon Counties, National Forest
1561m   (with Sangwang-san 1421m & Cheong-ok-san

Baekdeok-san    백덕산
Pyeongchang & Yeongwol Conties, Local Park,  1350m
(with Saja-san 1120m)

Cheong-ok / Duta-san
청옥산    /   두타산
Samcheok City, County Park,  1403m / 1353m

Munsu-san    문수산
Bonghwa County of North Gyeongsang Province
Local Park,   1205m

Worak-san     월악산
North Chungcheong and North Gyeongsang
Provinces, National Park,  1097m
(including Worak-Munsu-san   1162m)

Cheongryang-san   청량산
North Gyeongsang Province, Bonghwa County,
Provincial Park,  870m

U-am-san      우암산
North Chungcheong Province, east of Cheongju City,
Local Park, ~500m

Naeyeon-san     내연산
North Gyeongsang Province, Pohang City,
Local Park, 710m

Geum-o-san    금오산
North Gyeongsang Province, Gu-mi City,
Provincial Park, 976m

Sogeumgang-san  소금강산
Gyeongju City, National Park,  179m

Seondo-san    선도산
Gyeongju City, National Park,  381m

Ap-san    앞산
south side of Daegu City,  City Park,  660m
(with Daedeok-san 546m & Sanseong-san 653m)

Biseul-san     비슬산
Dalseong-gun County of Daegu City
County Park,  1084m

Cheonhwang-san    천황산
South Gyeongsang Province, Miryang City,
County Park,  1189m     (with Jae-ak-san 1108m)

Cheonseong-san    천성산
South Gyeongsang Province, Yangsan City,
part of Gaji-san Provincial Park,  922m

Taejong-san     태종산
Busan City, City Park, 250m
(with Bongrae-san   395m)

Yeonhwa-san     연화산
South Gyeongsang Province, Goseong County,
Provincial Park,  528m
Western Regions (23):

Un-ak-san    운악산
Gyeonggi Prov, Namyangju City, Local Park, 60?m

Bugak-san & Nam-san
북악산  & 남산
Seoul City, Local Parks, 342 & 262m

Dobong-san   도봉산
Seoul City, in Bukhansan National Park, 740m
(including Sapye-san 532m)

Surak-san    수락산
Seoul, Uijeongbu and Namyangju Cities,
Local Park, 638m

Bulam-san    불암산
Seoul and Namyangju Cities, Local Park, 508m

Acha-san     아차산
Seoul City, Local Park, 316m

Samseong-san   삼성산
Anyang and Seoul Cities, Local Park, 481m

Geumdan-san    금단산
Hanam City, Local Park, 535m

Namhan-san (aka Cheongryang-san)
남한산 /  청량산
Gyeonggi Province, Seongnam City,
Namhan-sanseong Provincial Park,  480m

Cheonggye-san   청계산
Gyeonggi Province, Euiwang, Gwacheon and
Seongnam Cities, Local Park,  620m

Naepo Gaya-san 내포 가야산
South Chuncheong Province, Hongseong County,
Deok-san Provincial Park,
Gaya-san 678m, and Sudeok-san 496m

Chilgap-san    칠갑산
South Chuncheong Province, Cheongyang County,
Provincial Park, 561m

Deogyu-san    덕유산
eastern border of North Jeolla Province, Muju
County, National Park,  1614m

Seon-un-san     선운산
North Jeolla Province, Gochang County,
Provincial Park,  444m

Naejang-san     내장산
border of North & South Jeolla Provinces,
National Park,  763m

Jogye-san     조계산
South Jeolla Province, Suncheon City,
Provincial Park,  884m

Baekun-san    백운산
South Jeolla Province, Gwangyang City,
Local Park,  1218m    also, "Baegun-san"

Yudal-san     유달산
South Jeolla Province, west coast of Mokpo City,
Local Park,  228m

Wolchul-san    월출산
South Jeolla Province, Gangjin and Yeongam
Counties, National Park,  813m

Palyeong-san    팔영산
South Jeolla Province, Goheung County/Peninsula,
Provincial Park,  609m

Duryun-san     두륜산
South Jeolla Province, Haenam County,
Provincial Park,  700m    (with Daedun-san 672m)

Sanbang-san   산방산
Jeju Island & Province,  Local Park,  395m
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