The Top-12 Holiest South Korean Mountains
These 12 famous mountains (and groups of mountains) are the ones I have judged to be the
holiest and most-popular pilgrimage-destinations in contemporary South Korea (the Republic of
Korea), mainland only (not the islands) by the criteria explained on
this page and my 20 years
of visiting them and studying this subject.  They break down in a convenient and balanced split
between five in the central and western regions and five in the eastern regions (mostly, the
Taebaek Range and its southern extension now dubbed the "Yeongnam Alps", going as far
west in the southern region as the Nakdong River).  They are listed here North-to-South.  Click
on the name to see my photos and discussion of that mountain and its San-shin shrines.

Out of these 12, Jiri-san is supremely sacred,
and the next 3 are (in no order) Samgak-san, Gyeryong-san and Taebaek-san
Central & Western Korea:

The Bukhan-san  Sub-Range
especially Samgak-san 삼각산 840m and Inwang-san
388m, and also including An-san, Bugak-san,
Dobong-san, Sapae-san, Surak-san, Bulam-san and
Acha-san.   North and East of Seoul City.   Some of
these are in the Bukhan-san National Park, others are
Local Parks.

Sogni-san      속리산
North Chungcheong Prov, National Park,  1058m

Gyeryong-san    계룡산
Daejeon & Gongju Cities, National Park,  845m

Ma-i-san      마이산
North Jeolla Province, Jinan County,
Provincial Park,   618m

Moak-san      모악산
North Jeolla Province, Gimje City,
Provincial Park,   793m

Jiri-san     지리산
Gurye County of South Jeolla Province;  Hadong,
Sancheong and Hamyang Counties of South
Gyeongsang Province; and Namwon City of North
Jeolla Province;    National Park,  Cheonhwang-bong
1915m,  Banya-bong 1733m & Nogo-dan 1507m

Jeju Island,  National Park,  1950 m
Eastern Korea:

Odae-san      오대산
Pyeongchang County & Gangneung City,
National Park,  1563m

Taebaek-san   태백산
Gangwon Province, Taebaek City,
Provincial Park,  1567m
(including Hambaek-san of Taebaek-shi, and Cheong-ok-san,
Guryong-san and Eungbong-san of Bonghwa & Uljin Counties)

Palgong-san    팔공산
Daegu City, Provincial Park,  1187m

Five Peaks of Gyeongju
경주오봉     including:
Nam-san aka Geum-o-san 466m,
Toham-san  745m,
Danseok-san  827m,
Seondo-san  381m,  and
Sogeumgang-san  179m
Gyeongju City (ancient capital of Korea), National Park

Geumjeong-san  금정산
Busan City, City Parks, 802m
(including Sanggye-bong, Sanghak-san, Baekyang-san,
Eumgwang-san, Gubong-san and Yongdu-san)
Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook
"Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine"
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