Myohyang-san   묘향산
the sacred "Mysterious-Fragrance Mountain"
Northern Home of the Bodhisattva of Benevolent Action
from a North Korean tourism brochure, mid-1990s
Bohyeon-sa Temple, with its famous 13-storey octagonal Pagoda, is the most important of the
many monasteries at Myohyang-san.  Situated below
Beobwang-bong  [Dharma-King Peak],
it especially enshrines
Bohyeon-bosal [the Bodhisattva of Benevolent Action],  making this
northern mountain the "Home" of that deity, comparable to Emei-shan of China.
Geumganggul-am [Diamond-Cave Hermitage] at the foot of
[Heaven-Grand Valley], below Cheontae-bong Peak
Sangwon-am [Above-the-Ordinary Hermitage] halfway up Sangwon
Valley above Bohyeon-sa, going towards Beobwang-bong Peak.  
Note the "Chilseong-gak" on the right!  I wonder what's inside...
Hiking on a high Myohyang-san trail -- from a slide I bought in China in 1983.
Still  Under  Construction

Hwajang-am Hermitage
the National-Treasure 13-storey Pagoda, shot from the Main Hall looking south,
with lecture-pavilion under-re-construction behind, in June 2011      
photo from The Atlantic magazine website