Lourdes' Family Home & Village
old photos from 2002
A week after a September flood, mud is
a foot higher against the wall (that we
just built in July!) than before.  Debris is
still laying where the waters left it.
This shot of the side of the house shows how close it is to the
stream, which is sadly prone to flash-flooding due to excessive
logging in the jungle-mountains upstream.  During a tropical
monsoon downpour, the water can rise 6 feet in 5 minutes,
spread a torrent over the entire valley floor.  There is usually
no warning... it may not even be raining down in this village.  
Big logs and brush make temporary dams upstream, and when they burst, the flash-flood torrents
carry the floating logs as high-speed battering-rams that can kill people & livestock and destroy
flimsy houses.  Here you can see some logs that tried but failed to penetrate our wall.  The
cooking-shelter (visible grass-roof in left photo) and the pigsty (to it's left) remained safe enough.
Two more 2003 views from the north of the house we built for Lou's mom before our wedding in winter 2002.
Left: you can see the road, the back of the shrine and our truck parked within a bamboo fence.  
Right: you can see our new land right next to the stream.
This is all before putting up the water tower and the big new kitchen.  
Me sittin' in front of the grotto-shrine
on a hot evening, with the in-laws
(Lou with me, her mom in yellow).
the Catholic Grotto-Shrine designed and built by
Lourdes's Mom with cement left-over from the house.
On the lower level is Sta. Nino (the Christ-Child), the
namesake and patron of this village.  Upper-left is St.
Vincente, center is an angel with dove-wings (representing
the Holy Spirit).  Upper-right is Our Lady of Lourdes, the
principle deity for this family.  Cross up top.  The 3 doves
visible are children of the original 2 white doves we
ceremonily released at our wedding reception.  Usually,
they would fly away (and be re-caught or eaten by
predators in the jungle), but those 2 stayed at the house,
made a nest & family -- continuing as symbols of our love.  
our humble pig-sty
compound, from the
north in May 2003.
The stars of the show!  
Our first sow, pregnant again,
and some of her first brood,
born in Jan 03.
Grafitti on a cement wall, by the teenage boys we hire after
school-hours.   On top -- they are Catholics not atheists, I'm
pretty sure they meant "Refuge" :-)    David and Lourdes
Enojo Mason (the patrons of this project) are named; M. E
stands for Mason & Enojo, and there's a wish that God will
'blees' us ;-)    The Visayan text on the right wishes that we
will stay happily together until the end of time.  Me, too  :-)
Lidiow, Dennis and Mom as birth-doctors.

<---Their very first time to run in the courtyard!
Two of our "native"-type pigs,
sacrificed and roasted over
wood-fire to make the Philippine
favorite party-food "lechon", to
provide a feast for all concerned.
Our second sow gave birth to 13,
in May 03 while Lou was there.