Lourdes' Business, April 2004  -- page 3
The House, Spring 2004
the house and new 400-sq-m compound are now surrounded by strong walls -- stone & cement on
the east (by the stream) and blocks/cement otherwise; nice steel-bar gates, welded by ourself.  
This protects against the frequent floods -- and the local thieves & vandals.
From across the stream (east side), the new stone dike-wall is pretty impressive --
this was a LOT of work, for a dozen men for 6 weeks, all by hand.  It extends 5 feet
underground, too.  This will prevent further erosion of our land during the floods.
House seen on the left, copra-dryer on far-right.
The new 7-hp generator and
welding-set -- both VERY useful.
The new cable-TV receiver-disk on the water-tank
(with ever-present white doves);  and Mom with the
new giant freezer -- to hold foodstuffs in bulk, and
also to make ice to sell to the locals, especially
fishermen who need to keep their catch fresh --
there are few houses around here with a freezer,
so this is actually a constant good business.
Master builder 3rd Brother, at his
in-laws home on the west side of
Negros Island -- typical village house.
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