Lourdes' Business, April 2004  -- page 2
Our pig-sty, finally fully constructed by April 2004, with the typhoon-proof roof now
completely covering it, sides bricked up.  Includes 18 good cement stalls inside, a
modern septic tank, its own clean-well-water pump, and decent quarters for our
dedicated 24-hour staff.  Security lights to ward off the thieves.  All built by Lou's
3rd Brother and his crew.   Huge!
ABOVE:  close-up of the 2nd-floor little
pavilion, where some of our staff sleep.
Or can keep watch...   RIGHT: The front,
all bricked-up except for the door;  nice
bench outside for people to rest, smoke,
talk, watch the sunset.  Coming soon: a
basketball hoop & cement-square.
the Stars of the Show -- New Generation
A "new mama" taking a rest,
and Da Boyz working hard (pumping water).
Easter Sunday afternoon party with all the
gang, at a lovely beach 30 min from home;
"dancing after church".