January 2005 Photos of Lourdes' Business:
-- the new Restaurant near her hometown --
Exterior and interior of the "Lourdes Eatery" of Shiaton Town,
Negros Oriental Province, Philippines.  A small, humble beginning;
opened January 20th, 2005 (the 5th anniversary of our 1st meeting).
Seen at right are the staff, who helped to remodel this space.  They
will retail the pork from our pig-sty from here, by serving pork-and-
vegetable dishes and by motorcycle-delivery.  We can get twice as
much money per-pig this way, compared to selling wholesale.
With this development, her buisiness is employing 8 adults and 4 teenagers (part-time).  Several
families have daily food to eat (who otherwise would not); 9 children are going to school (who
otherwise would not be).  In this deeply-impoverished area of the Philippines, that's what is important.
Shiaton is a medium-size town right
on the main south-coast highway,
30 minutes from Dumaguete City
(the capital) and 40 minutes from
Lou's home-village.  Plenty of traffic
goes by.   No, I don't know what the
orange empty bed- frame is doing
on the lawn of the Town Hall...