April 2004 Photos of Lourdes' Business
(in her hometown, in the Philippines)
Copra-dryer seen from the west (the road), behind
the new wall & gate, with Queenie Rose up front.
Seen from the east (the stream),
behind the new dike-wall.
Evening party with all the gang, for Lou's
Mother (in red blouse) on her 57th birthday.
The new Copra-dryer, designed and built by Lou's 3rd Brother and his crew, inside
our new flood-proof walled-compound.  Bigger and more solidly functional than I had
thought it would be!  This is new business-line for us -- buying coconuts from the
poor farmers all around (who otherwise have to travel far to sell), drying the meat
into 'copra' then selling it in the big city (where it'll be pressed into coconut oil).  This
has two furnaces (using wood from the jungle), two drying-beds that can hold 1000
kg of coconut each.  Three men employed -- Lou's 2nd Brother as supervisor &
dealer, 2 other men who will keep the dryer running 24/7... there are LOTS of
coconuts around this area.  Everybody wins.
LEFT: The Copra-dryer from the north, behind
the new wall.   ABOVE:  Behind the new (1/04)
kitchen, a shack goes up for the 2 hired workers
to sleep in as they alternate shifts keeping the
dryer running 24/7...
Our truck getting loading up with farm animals and their
owners, heading for the weekly market an hour away.