Eastern Juwang-san's
amazing gorge-hidden "Dragon-Rock Temple"
This new and still-small temple is extremely remote and isolated, deep within the little-visited eastern side of
Juwang-san National Park
(in western Yeongdeok-gun County, North Gyeongsang Province).  I visited in early July of 2007.
After the entranceway, the cement road soon ends at a stone stream-bed which you must drive
(a jeep!) or walk up for 30 meters through a narrow gorge, until the road appears again.
Next to its Main Hall, high steep rock-cliffs can barely be glimpsed through the jungle-thick forest.
and then larger doltap stone towers lead
you along an otherwise-unnoticed path
deeper into the forest, where a small
obscure waterfall has been converted
into crude & mystical Shamanic shrines.
Yongam-sa's small Mountain-Spirit shrine, designated
in Korean characters (rare), contains a painting of a
hungry-looking tiger, a fine but standard modern "long-
eyebrow"  San-shin painting and a large modern San-shin
statue that features him holding a large ginseng root.  
Note the budding Lotus-flower (a symbol of incipient Buddhist
enlightenment, as well as fertility) in the bowl of sacred
objects that the
dongja child is offering -- I believe that is
nearly unique, don't think i've ever seen one just like it before!
Yong-wang [Dragon-King of the Waters] shrine, closer-up
stone-built San-shin-worshipping Shrine, on the right side of the waterfall
this beautiful (artificial) reservoir-pond is
about 200 meters in front of the entranceway