Juwang-san  Giam-bong
Temple named after the Son of the "Ju King"
with spectacular views and a good Sanshin-gak
Juwang-san or "the Mountains of the King of Ju" is a National Park in North Gyeongsang
Province, located between Andong City and the East Coast.  It is a key section of the
Taebaek-sanmaek [Grand White Mountain Range] as it runs south of Taebaek-san down to
Gyeongju.  It is famous for its astoundingly beautiful scenery, and sacred because of the
legend of the Chinese rebel "King of Ju" and his daughter who hid and died here.  These
mountains contain a dozen interesting temples, half-a-dozen great waterfalls and more
steep pine-decorated granite cliffs than a rock climber could dream of...
For the main cultural heritage, there is Bogwangjeon in Daejeonsa (Temple) built during the year 12th of King Munmu of
Silla Dynasty (672)