Chungbuk Goesan County  Joryeong-san  Shinseon-bong
Wonpung-ri Iche-bul
Stone-Relief-Carvings of Buddhas in the Mungyeong-saejae Pass Area
a cultural heritage site along the Baekdu-daegan
This carving of two Buddhas sitting side-by-side is an extremely rare motif in Korean Buddhist art --
the only other examples are the cliff-carving at Jung-ryeong Pass and a bronze statue excavated at

Daejeon-sa Temple-site.  Therefore, despite its crudity, it is designated as Treasure #97, under the
name "Goesan Wonpungri Ma-ae-bul Jwasang".  It' from the Joseon Dynasty, but exact age and
purpose unknown -- there's no temple close-by.  

It seems to represent Sakyamuni the Original Buddha (L) and Amitabha the Buddha of Western Paradise

[Amita-bul] (R).  Could also be seen as a folk-shamanic male-female pair of Buddhas.  They are carved
in relief on a 12-meter-high boulder-face, close to the old pathway of National Highway #3 -- which was
the late-Joseon "Yeongnam Great-Road" between the capital region and Gyeongsang Province (through
Jo-ryeong Pass).   They have a dozen small buddhas "floating" in their halos -- a Cheontae [Tiantai] touch.

This site is just 2 km from the Shinseon-am-bong Peak on the central
Baekdu-daegan ridgeline.
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