Pia-gol Scenic Valley
one of Korea's prettiest gorges, behind Yeongok-sa Temple
in the Eastern-Southwest Sector of Jiri-san  (below Banya-bong and Samdo-bong Peaks)
The long valley that leads into Yeongok-sa and Pia-gol Scenic-Gorge, and the main ridge,
from the Seomjin River running across Jiri-san's southern feet.  
Samdo-bong is seen upper-right.
"Piagol" is the title of a 1955 South Korean movie set here, written and directed by Lee Kang-cheon.
The pure waters of the Daeseo-cheon Stream originate at Samdo-bong and flow down
through upper & lower Pia-gol amid a "1000-years-old virgin forest" and then Waegok-
[Outside-Valley Village] until they reach the Seomjin River.  Here in lower Pia-gol they
rush past white rocks on which Koreans have built many small
dol-tap [stone pagodas].
Pia-gol is especially famous for its scenery in the Fall, due to the many maple trees whose
leaves turn bright red.  Gurye County holds its "
Tangpung-je" [Autumn Leaves Festival]
every mid-October, which is always very crowded with visitors from all over Korea.
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Korean stamp of Pia-gol bridge issued in 2005