Bulil-am Hermitage
and Waterfall
of Ssanggye-sa     
쌍계사 불일암, 불일폭포
A full hour's hike from Ssanggye-sa over a fairly
easy rocky trail through deep forest, Bulil-am is
a popular destination for a casual outing.  Not
only is the hermitage itself quite charming, but
the nearby waterfall is the most spectacular
single one in all of Jiri-san.

Bulil-am was founded in the Unified Shilla Era
by National Master Jin-gam Guksa (774-850).
Bulil-pokpo Waterfall,
about 63 meters high
(one of South Korea's highest)
Bulil-am, the
"Buddha Sun
Hermitage" in
early April
View of Samshin-bong
and its western ridge
the entranceway is framed by bamboo
This antique wooden well supplies their water
this hermitage, devoted to
quiet meditation, is famous
among Buddhists for its
charming elegant simplicity
a seat for focused
contemplation faces
the rich forests and
distant slopes
Bulil-am in