the Jin-gam biseok [biographical steele]
written by Go-un Choi Chi-won  at Ssanggye-sa
고운 최치원 진감선사대공탑비석
Choi Chi-won is one of my favorite figures of Korean cultural
history, displaying many virtues & talents and symbolizing
many key themes.   He spent his later years wandering the
southern third of the peninsula, visiting sacred sites and
holding discussions with their monastic residents, learning,
practicing and teaching Daoist techniques of longevity and
spiritual immortality, and composing historical records of
Korea's greatest temples.   He adopted the scholar-name
Go-un, "Lone Cloud"...   See his
the superb dragons-dancing-in-the-clouds capstone features nine
elaborate Chinese characters in moderately primitive script
The text Choi wrote on the stele body tells the early history of Ssanggye-sa, the
biography and accomplishments of Jin-gam-daesa (a great master of meditation
of the early 800s), including his establishment of
Beompae (Korea's Buddhist
ritual-music-&-dance) and nurturing Korea's first green tea field just outside this
temple starting in 828.  This monument was built under the patronage of Shilla
King  Jeonggang (r.886-887) who highly respected Jin-gam-seonsa.
Myself respectfully studying this monument, in Jan 1987!
National Treasure #47