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October 15, 2013

"A rare moment to be able to touch the original statue of Mago, the grandmother
mountain-spirit of all Korea. Normally forbidden.

The story of Mago is another fantastic ancient pre-history moment where she is said
to have been the daughter of a heavenly God. One day she met a guru named
Banya whom was studying deeply in the mountains of Jiri. They had eight daughters
of which all eventually became the original eight shaman teachers of the original
eight provinces of Korea. The guru Banya left the family and returned to Jiri where
he practised asceticism. Mago grew old with long grey hair, missing him deeply.
She made clothing for him from tree bark in the hope he would return.  He didn't.
And before her death she cast his clothing into the wind, where it was swept up to
guru Banya. The peak he practised under became Banya-bong. Famous for its
amazing sunsets and cloud formations it is said that their two spirits live there.

The original statue of Mago seen here is of an unknown age and authentic. It was
originally seated on Jirisan's highest peak Cheonwang-bong 1915m.  But in 1972
it was cast off by persons unknown, to be found a decade later by a monk whom
put the broken pieces back together, and placed it at Cheonwang-sa temple,
where it is now.

The rock it is made from, is verified not to be from this earth!!   It is not classified
as a National Treasure in Korea?

Image taken Oct 15, 2013.

More info can be found at David A Mason's http://www.san-shin.net/Jiri-Seongmo-2.html "
Roger Shepard's 2013 FB Post
about the Jiri-san Cheonhwang-bong  Seongmo-halmae San-shin
[Exquisite-Wisdom Mountain Heavenly-King Peak Holy-Mother Grandma Mountain-spirit]
in the Inner-Southeast Sector of Jiri-san