Jiri-san  Namwon City
Gyoryong Sanseong
Charming Temple in Historic Fortress
a lovely site of Korean Resistance during the 1592-98 "Imjin" Invasion
near the the Baekdu-daegan MainRange in the Inner-Northwest Sector of Jiri-san
Logo of a "deluxe water" from this fortress area, famed for having
"99 wells" of good-quality waters; the main
makgeolli (unfiltered
rice-wine) of Namwon is made from water from here.
The ancient 7-story pagoda (probably from the Goryeo Dynasty) and the new Sanshin-gak
[Mountain-spirit Shrine] of Seon-gok-sa Temple, inside the Gyorong Mountain-Fortress

all these photos were generously provided by my friend
Roger Shepherd
who visited here in March 2018
An excellent elaborate modern Sanshin painting is inside!
Pink robe on the statue is weird, unique....  not sure if i've ever seen that before....
Location, just 2km west of downtown Namwon, and just NW of the Manin Tomb-Shrine.
The summit of Mt. Gyoryong is 518m high.
On the name of this mountain-fortress:  "Gyoryong" can be a generic Korean term
"dragon-shaped", which could fit if these fortress walls were notably twisty.
However, this character
교 means "a water-spirit, generally portrayed as a dragon"
/ "mythical flood-dragon" -- this makes sense in that there were said to be 99 wells
there, indicating that it was (and is?) famous for plenitude of water -- and so this name
교룡산성 can be translated as "Water-spirit-Dragon Mountain-Fortress."