Namwon City's Deokeum-am
Hermitage at the northwest corner of Jiri-san
Jiri-san is listed as one of Korea's most sacred places on
Martin Gray's excellent Sacred Sites of the World website,
this page about Korea.
For plenty of information and beautiful photos of the world's
holy pilgrimage destinations, get his excellent new 275-page
Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power.
Statue of the Yong-wang Dragon-King, seated cross-legged on a Lotus-flower throne like a
Buddha (unique!!),  and the monument recording names of the donors for its construction.
Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook
"Hiking Korea’s Mountain Spine"
By Roger Shepherd and Andrew Douch,  with David A. Mason
is finally available for hikers and cultural-explorers!

Reviews, Interviews and Comments on the Guidebook
The Main Hall  and  the "Chilseong-gak" [Seven Stars Shrine] signboard,  taken from the
webpage about Deok-eum-am [Virtue-xxxxxxx Hermitage, sometimes listed as a -sa or Temple]
A truly excellent San-shin Painting!!  Late 20th-Cen, but copied from an antique predecessor.
His bearing is more regal than most, and the official belt and chest-insignia are unusual
features.  He holds a large grey bullocho sprig in his left hand, but the right cannot be seen.  
The small temple in the elaborate-tho-crude
mountain-background (right) is a very rare addition.