The Hermitages of Naewon-sa
up in the Naewonsa-gyegok Scenic-Valley, with Naewon Village
in the Eastern (West Sancheong County) Sector of Jiri-san
The unique and excellent Chilseong  [Seven
Stars of the Big Dipper] painting of Naewon-sa's
Samseong-gak is truly an antique treasure!   
It contains no
Bukseong-shin [North Star Spirit],
very rare, but does include eight sitting Buddhas
across the top, the
Sacheon-wang [Heavenly
Guardian Kings of the Four Directions], an Ilwol-
bosal [Sun-Moon Bodhisattvas] and a girl-boy pair
dongja-attendants with both a platter and a
basket of Peaches-of-Immortality at bottom.

detail shots are below:
My photo of Naewon-sa's San-shin painting is lost!
I'll try to find it or take another someday.  

The Dok-seong painting, right, is notable for the
mudra the dongja-boy is making with his
right hand, instead of holding an object as usual.
the Long-Eyebrow Arhat [enlightened disciple of Buddha] as a Korean Shinseon [Spirit-Immortal]
Dancheong decorative-painting and 2 of the Ten-Ox series, on the Main Hall