Jiri-san's Naedae-cheon Valley
지리산  내대천골      PAGE TWO:
Cheonwang-am and Gwanryong-am
in the Inner-Southeast Sector of Jiri-san
Also in the Naedae-ri Village area of this long valley, near the Changrae-gol branch-off, Cheonwang-am
[Celestial-King Hermitage] is another small Shamanist-oriented Buddhist temple, with a wide variety of modern icons.
Its San-shin painting is simple and standard, but of fine artistic quality
The Samseong-gak [Three Spirits Shrine] is right next to the Main Hall, facing south.
Inside, along with the icons at top, San-shin is depicted
again, with another altar, in a wall-painting next to the
Yong-wang [Dragon-King] icon-altar; Dok-seong is
also on a wall-painting (above) but without altar.
Excellent didactic paintings were found around the Main Hall, including the rare motif of the Bukseong-shin  [North Star
Spirit of Longevity, a favorite in Chinese folk-Daoism] riding on a white deer, attended by dongja boys carrying a Peach
of Immortality and gourds of health-granting herbal wines.   
Compare with the gourd from China's Tai-shan on this page.
Unusual wall-paintings of the Guardian-General Heavenly Kings of the Four Directions, in unusually happy moods.
The Chil-seong [Seven Stars] altar sports a Dokseong statue,
and a strange Cheseok Buddha statue with little standing
Chil-seong statues on and in front of his legs...
Another rare depiction of a Shinseon Spirit-Immortal, relaxing at peace in a natural-trunk boat with scriptures & bullocho
Gwanryong-am is a small Buddhist
temple, not too good-looking, at the
top of the pass between this valley
and the Cheonghak-dong Valley,
right next to the new highway-tunnel
that now connects them.
The modern San-shin painting in the Samseong-gak shows the sage sporting unusually bushy grey whiskers, and holding
an unusually-natural leaf-fan.  In front the statue holds a golden ginseng root, and his tiger is sacred-white.   Flowers, a
small ROK national flag and a Sanshin-model donation-prayer cabinet with 35 compartments are also present on the altar.
Outdoor Shrine for Yong-wang, Mireuk Buddha and etc.
The entranceway to the new Samshin-bong Tunnel that
now connects the Naedae-cheon and Cheonghak-dong
Valleys, with large signboard displaying the latter's
natural and cultural virtues, set up by Hadong County.
sun-soaked southern view of Cheonhwang-bong from just across the road from Gwanryong-am
in February 2007