Myeongseon-bong & Hyeongje-bong Peaks,
Byeokso-ryeong Pass & Baemshil-saem Spring,
Deokpyeong-bong & Seonbi-saem Spring

the Legendary Center of Jiri-san's Main Ridge
Inner-Northeast Sector -- Southern Hamyang County:
Byeoksong-sa and West Hermitage
the Seven-Immortals Gorge
Beobhwa-san, the Dharma-Blossom Mountain
Ssukbatje slopes & Imchin-gang River:
North Munsu-sa,  Jeokjo-am and etc.
Gyeonbul-sa, major new "Viewing Buddha Temple"
Eastern Macheon-myeon District:
Baekmu-dong & Hanshin Scenic Valleys
Chilseon-bong, Yeongshin-bong & Chottae-bong Peaks,
Seseok-pyeongjeon Field & Seseok-cheon Spring

The Legend of Seonbi-saem Spring

It is said that early in the Joseon Dynasty a man of the Yi clan (another branch of which was the royal family
of Joseon) lived in
Deokpyeong-ri [Virtue Field Village] Jiri-san's Daeseong Valley (south of Deokpyeong-
bong Peak).   He suffered from utter poverty, was uneducated and very ugly, and so therefore he was treated
contemptuously by others.  However, he deeply wished to be treated as a gentleman respected by others,
like his royal distant-cousins.  He never achieved this wish throughout his whole life, and at its end asked
only to be buried high above their village, at what was then called
Sangdeokpyeong-yaksuteo [Upper Virtue
Peace Medicinal-Spring], right below that mighty 1522-meter peak.  

His two sons carried his body all the way up there and buried it according to his wishes, and their filial-piety
so impressed the locals that they finally respected old Mr. Yi (reasoning that he must have been a sagely
father to have raised such good sons).  Since then, mountain-climbers bow in respect to him whenever they
drink the spring's healing water; he achieved his great wish only when in his tomb.  Local people began
calling this spring
Seonbi-saem [Scholar-gentleman Spring] to console his ghost.
The 1586-meter Myeongseon-bong [Bright Kindness Peak], the 1452-m Hyeongje-bong [Elder-Brother
Peak] and the 1522-m Deokpyeong-bong [Virtue Field Peak] dominate the central section of Jiri-san's
Main Ridge, about halfway between
Cheonhwang-bong Summit and Banya-bong Summit.   This area has
a few myths and legends associated with it, like most other parts of Jiri-san.  The renowned Seonbi-saem
Medicinal-Water Spring is located on Deokpyeong-bong (see below).

In-between that peak and Hyeongje-bong 4 km to its west is a smaller peak named Byeokso-ryeong
(1340m); just to its east runs the Byeokso-ryeong Pass, a.k.a. Sobaek-ryeong
(ryeong means "ridge" and is
often used as the name of a pass)
.  This is by far the highest-altitude vehicle-drivable pass in South Korea, at
just about 1300 meters altitude.  A narrow dirt road runs north up from the upper end of the
(2-lane well-paved)
Daeseong Valley
of Hwagye-myeon of Hadong-gun County, following the Euishin-gyegok Gorge, to the
Baemshil-saem-yaksu-teo [Snake-Room Spring Medicinal-Water-Source] and then widely-switchbacks
over the pass; it then descends north into Macheon-myeon District of SW Hamyang-gun County, finishing in
Samjeong-ri Village near the start of the new entrance-road to
Yeongwon-sa Temple.  The lower part of this
pass-road has been nicely paved with cement on the northern side, so that an ordinary car can go up, but I
don't yet know how far up; it's dangerous anyway, and using a jeep is advised even in good weather.   There
is a gate on the Daeseong end, which is sometimes locked.