Chottae-bong Peak,
Seseok-pyeongjeon Field & Seseok-cheon Spring,
and Chilseon-bong & Yeongshin-bong Peaks

Eastern Section of the Central Main Ridge of Jiri-san
Inner-Northeast Sector -- Southern Hamyang County:
Byeoksong-sa and West Hermitage
the Seven-Immortals Gorge
Beobhwa-san, the Dharma-Blossom Mountain
Ssukbatje slopes & Imchin-gang River:
North Munsu-sa,  Jeokjo-am and etc.
Gyeonbul-sa, major new "Viewing Buddha Temple"
Eastern Macheon-myeon District:
Baekmu-dong & Hanshin Scenic Valleys
Myeongseon-bong & Hyeongje-bong Peaks, Byeokso-ryeong Pass &
Baemshil-saem Spring, Deokpyeong-bong & Seonbi-saem Spring

The Legend of Seseok-pyeongjeon Field and Seseok-cheon Spring

The character of San-shin is best illustrated by the myths and legends told about them; this myth shows the stricter,
taboo-enforcing aspect:  long ago, a woman called 'Yeonjin' lived together with her husband 'Hoya' in Jiri-san's
Daeseong Gyegok [Great Sage Scenic-Valley].  They couple did not have any children, although they wanted them.  
One day a local bear visited Yeonjin and told her the location of a mysterious spring called the
[Yin-Yang water-source] that would be enable her to have children.  Yeonjin was so happy that she set off at once
without consulting her husband, and drank a lot from the spring.

However, a tiger who felt rivalry with the bear overheard the conversation and reported it to the Jiri-san-shin.  The
goddess was enraged, and imprisoned the bear in a cave for divulging the secret to human beings, while promoting
the tiger to "King of Animals".  She also punished Yeonjin harshly for stealing the holy Eum-yang-su, commanding
her to grow Royal Azalea flowers on the rocky plateau Seseok-pyeongjeon for the rest of her life.  They say that the
unfortunate-destiny Yeonjin sprinkled the blood from her worn fingers on the flowers, giving them their deep-red
beauty, and to this day they bloom and fade with Yeonjin's piteous soul embedded in them.  

Eum-yang-suteo is now called Seseok-cheon Yaksu-teo [Truth-Stone Stream Medicinal Mineral-Water Spring].

Also, it is said that at the end of her days Yeonjin deeply repented her hubris and knelt up on Chottae-bong Peak in
front of lit candles facing the great
Cheonhwang-bong Peak praying for mercy from its Seongmo-halmae-sanshin
[Mountain-Goddess] until she finally turned into a
bawi [outstanding boulder or crag].