a National-Sacred-Site of Jincheon-gun  
The Birthplace and Taeshil of
General Kim Yu-shin
little-known memorial to one of Korea's greatest heroes
Taeryeong-san [Grand-Ridge Mountain] is in the western side of Jincheon-gun County, northwestern North
Chungcheong Province (not far from Seoul, fairly easy to get to),on the minor highway heading to
It is a lone spur off the Manroe-jimaek sub-range-cluster, which is a southeastern spur 10 km off the
Geumbuk-jeongmaek Range; Taeryeong-san is about 10 km from the range-line.
shrine-building on the supposed actual birthplace (which would have been his mother's parents' house)
Hwarang commemeration monument -- this site is now visited for events by Korean martial-arts devotees
statue of General Kim Yu-shin on Myeonmok-san [a.k.a. Nam-san, South Peak] in Seoul -- from wikimedia
This modern turtle-monument-base is modeled after the classic ancient one at the Tomb of great
King Taejong Muyeol (Kim Yu-shin's in Gyeongju -- note the cloud-motif, similar to bullocho, around the rim
of the shell !!
the Taeshil monument is on this 450-m summit of Taeryeong-san --a 30-min hike from this site
General Kim Yu-shin (595-673 CE), one of Korea's greatest military heroes and a model of patriotically-
devoted service for countless later generations of its young men (bio-record detail on
this page), was born
here at the southern foot of Taeryeong-san.   On its 450-m summit is the
Tae-shil [ceramic reliquary
containing placenta-&-umbilical-cord, usually within a stone monument], the oldest such one in Korea.  
This is an ancient Korean custom honoring the birthplace of a royal or aristocratic hero and tying his spirit
to this home-mountain-of-birth.   Interesting location -- so far from Gyeongju -- in 595 the Shilla Kingdom
had only recently conquered this region -- his mother's family must've been sent here to administrate.   
I visited this place, designated National Historical Site #414, in April 2011.