More  Features  of
Jincheon-gun   Manroe-san
Botap-sa's famous tower-pagoda Main Hall, reviving an ancient
Korean architectural style (mainly in Baekje Kingdom) that moved to
Japan and became standard there, but nearly died-out in its homeland.
At right is my friend Dr, Chun Ok-bae, exploring-companion on this day.
rotating sutra-library on the middle floor
gleaming Buddha-triad on the top floor
view of the local village from the top-porch
view of the Drum-Pavilion, Bell-pavilion, Four Heavenly Kings Gate and Tree from the top-porch
octagonal Nahan-jeon [Arhat Hall] with 500 statues of Sakyamuni Buddha's disciples
extremely rare in Korea, tho ubiquitous in Thailand -- oversized statue of Sakyamuni Buddha "passing into nirvana" (dying)
stoneworks of unknown age
another very-rare S/SE-Asian touch -- "Buddha's Footprints",
and a monument for construction at the entrance
Dragon-Boat (for transmigrating souls) Painting
Sacheon-wang-mun  [Four Heavenly Kings Gate]  and pines
Kings of East and South
Kings of West and North