Upper Natural Shrine-Altars
of Inwang-san
Between the Benevolent King and Tiger Crags
Highest sacred sites accessible to the public on the highly-sacred "Benevolent King" Mountain,
Shamanic center of Korea's Capital, an important part of the Bukhan-san Sub-Range.  Further up
behind them is, most unfortunately, a military-police base,
because this most sacred peak overlooks the
Gyeongbok-gung Palace (main royal seat 1392-1910) and Korea's Presidential Mansion (the "Blue House")
The left side of the main altar-complex among all the unique rocky outcroppings on the southern cliff-face
of this mountain, about 300 meters up behind the
Seon-bawi.  The crude relief-carving of a Buddha
probably intended to be Mireuk, Amita or Jeseok) was carved in the early 20th century, as Korean Buddhism
began to revive; it is not yet designated as any sort of cultural heritage asset because it is so recent.
View Crags--->
<--Tiger body
"Main Hall"-->
Benevolent King
<--Magpie behind tiger-head
Upper Altars
Myself leading a group up the path from the View Crags to the Upper Altars in 2010,
and the fantastic twisted pine-trees along the upper pathway -- gateposts of sacred space.
my group watching a pair of worshippers at the lower central altar
a group performing a ritual in the upper central altar
In 2008, a pair of Shamanic women perform a ritual at one of the upper-right altars (below the Great Tiger)